Community Room

The Anadarko Community Library provides the public use of the Hollytex Community Room. Community groups are encouraged to use the meeting room facilities at the Anadarko Community Library for educational, cultural, and civic purposes.

Please note, the room is never booked for more than three (3) months in advance.

How to Request a Room Reservation

Download the Hollytex Community Room Rental Form (PDF)

Fax, email, or deliver completed and signed application to:

Fax: (405) 247-4894 Fax

Anadarko Community Library
215 West Broadway
Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005

Check or Money Order for fees and charges must be mailed or hand delivered, before application can be processed for approval.

What is the room capacity of the Hollytex Community Room?

The room capacity is limited by City of Anadarko Fire Safety Code to:

  • Seventy-five (75) people without tables
  • With the use of one (1) table or more, the capacity is limited to fifty (50) people

Hollytex Community Room Scheduling

When planning your meeting or activity, scheduling needs to allow time for cleaning and vacating the premises. The meeting room is not available after 9:00 P.M. Library programs and related activities are given priority, should scheduling conflicts arise. No library program will be planned for a reserved time after a reservation has been confirmed by the staff.

The library will not accept reservations for a series of meetings which would designate the library as their regular meeting place for an organization, except groups specifically sponsored or organized by the library. The Library will not accept reservations for Religious, Political, or Social Groups. Groups may reserve the library meeting rooms for one meeting at a time for up to six months in advance. Multiple meetings may be scheduled only at the discretion of the Library Director.

Requests for the use of the facilities should be made with the staff, Monday through Saturday during regular library hours.

No one under twenty-one (21) years of age may reserve the room.

Hollytex Community Room Use

Activities for minors must be sponsored by at least one person over 21 years of age. The use of the facilities by an organization does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that organization’s policies or beliefs. Smoking, the use of tobacco, or the use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed anywhere in the library or in its meeting rooms.

Sponsoring groups are responsible for setting up the Room to meet their needs and are responsible for ensuring reasonable order by group members or others attending the meeting. Simple decorations may be set up in the room for a meeting or exhibit, but no decorations may be hung which will mar the walls, floors or ceilings. Any decoration or exhibits must be removed by the group using them. Activities involving more than normal wear and tear on the community room or contents should be avoided.

The library reserves the right, for adequate reasons, to revoke permission to use the meeting room.

Groups are responsible for exercising reasonable care in the use of refreshments, the care of the facility, and the disposal of food and refuse. Any lost or damaged furniture or equipment becomes the responsibility of the sponsoring group. Groups are responsible for maintaining the room in a clean and orderly manner and for returning tables and chairs to their original arrangements.

Use of the Community Room shall not be allowed on Sundays or on any holiday during which the Library is closed.

Hollytex Community Room Fees and Charges

A $25.00 non-refundable reservation fee will be required for all private events at the time of reserving the room and the balance due will be required before or on the day of the scheduled event during library’s regularly scheduled hours. Private events include birthday parties, shower parties, anniversary parties, or crafting sessions. The event will not be put on the library’s calendar unless this fee is paid. A $25.00 refundable cleaning deposit will be charged on all reservations that provide refreshments, crafts or decorations. Exemptions may be made by the Library Director.

All refunds will be mailed to the customer by the City of Anadarko if the room and/or equipment is left clean and not damaged.

  • A $50.00 use fee – (1 to 4 hours) will be collected for all private events held at any time and for all events held before or after library hours.
  • A $100.00 use fee – (4 plus hours) will be charged for all private events held at any time and for all events held before or after library hours.

A copy of the signed reservation form with policy on the back of the form will be provided to the customer.

Hollytex Community Room and Library Equipment Use

The Library has a Video Conferencing System, Television, DVD Player, Projection Screen, and Projector available for use. Library equipment may be checked out for your meeting by signing the appropriate reservation information when scheduling the meeting. All equipment will be returned to its designated place after the meeting. The party checking out Library equipment agrees and understands that they will be responsible for the cost of any item that is lost, stolen, or damaged.